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Mims, Florida, and the adjacent town of Titusville have a unique and interesting history. Mims boasts a prehistoric graveyard discovered in one of the most important archeological excavations anywhere.

As pioneers tamed the wilds of east Central Florida in the mid-1800s, the colorful Col. Henry Titus won the right to name a town after himself through his skill at dominoes. Subsequently in Mims,  a bomb exploded in 1951 under the Mims home of educator, activist, and NAACP leader Harry T. Moore.  This established Moore as the first martyr of the Civil Rights movement.

Later, the United States entered the Space Age (the 1960s) and Mims residents enjoy front row seats to the launch of every manned American space flight. Visiting Mims, you will find amazingly well-preserved 8,000-year-old human remains through the growing pains of the American South to the future hopes offered by our exploration of space, Mims have made international headlines.